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Role Playing Game

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Wizardry began as a simple dungeon crawl by Andrew C. Greenberg and Robert Woodhead. It was written when they were students at Cornell University and then published by Sir-Tech. The first five games in the series were written in Apple Pascal, an implementation of UCSD Pascal, and was ported to many different platforms by writing UCSD Pascal implementations for the target machines (Mac II cross-development).

David W. Bradley took over the series after the fourth installment, adding a new level of plot and complexity. Woodhead went on to found the North American anime import company AnimEigo, and Greenberg to become an intellectual property lawyer and contributor to the Squeak open source project. Greenberg also wrote another game series, Star Saga.

The earliest installments of Wizardry were quite successful, as they were the first graphically-rich incarnations of Dungeons & Dragons-type gameplay for home computers. The release of the first version coincided around the height of D&D's popularity in North America.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Extra money:
Begin a new game, and buy as many daggers as possible from Boltac's Trading Post. Save the game, reset the NES, then enter POGGSY as a password. Return to Boltacs Trading Post and sell all the daggers that were previously purchased.

Have both evil and good characters in the same party:
Place all your evil characters in one party, then go into the maze and have them camp at the stairs. Save the game at that location. Start a new game, and place the characters with a good alignment in the party. Go down into the maze and search at the stairs. You will find all your evil characters there, and they will join your current party. Note: Your party can not exceed six characters at one time.





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