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Super Mario Brothers 3

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2010-05-01 00:00:00

where are the warp whiseals at

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2010-01-11 00:00:00

upon reaching the end of each stage
speed run or (B RUN)and hit the bottom-left corner of the box which changes rapidly
your guaranteed to get a star

dee dee
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2008-12-13 00:00:00


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2008-12-13 00:00:00


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2008-07-13 00:00:00

How are you supposed to beat the first castle on world 7?

Reply #63

2008-05-13 00:00:00

hey this is to the guy who needs help on world 8 catsle 1, ok go onto youtube and type in super mario bros 3 a name with cloud is on it click on the one with world 8 watch all of it he will show u all the stratergies

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2008-03-26 00:00:00


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2007-07-25 00:00:00

Extra Lives
-Go to the first T shaped pipes in world 1-2. You need to have a tail so you can float in the air. There will be little goombas coming out of the right end of the pipe. Go on to the ground near where all the goombas are coming out. Let three or four come out before you do anyhting. Then jump on one of them so you bounce up into the air. When you are coming down from that jump land on another one, and after you hit that land on another one. Keep doing this so you never touch the ground. Once you hit one goomba, you will want to flap your tail so that you will provide more time for more goombas to come from the pipe. Once you have stomped on eight in a row, you will get a one-up for every kill on after that.

Extra P-Wings
-Beat the game. Afterwards, play again without turning the system off. You should have 28 P-wings.

Level 8 Shortcut
-To beat the second board of level 8 easily, just swim under the boats until you reach the end.

Shortcut to World Eight
-To get to world Eight quickly. Make sure you at least have two whistles (3 if you want to be sure) Go to the World 4 warp and use the whistle. (Don't go in!) If you use it at the World 2 pipe you should go to the 2nd row. If so, go to the 7th pipe and use another whistle. You'll be at World 8.

Secret Whistles
-At the end of level 1-3 before you go to the black screen you'll find a bunch of blocks in the air. Find the white one and hold DOWN. When you fall through, run to the end and press UP. Hurry! If you do this correctly you will be in a secret room. Open the chest to get a whistle with special powers!
In the miniature castle of world 1 get the P-Wing and keep flying. At the top you should go over a wall and stop moving. Press UP to reveal another whistle!

-You can also get this whistle by using a racoon suit. First take out the bone turtle, then go to the far right, start to speed up using the b button. When you reach the left end (your flying power should be full)start flying upward until you enter the secret room containing the whistle.

-The 3rd Secret Whistle is in World 2. Beat a Wandering Hammer Brother and you'll get a music box or a hammer. Use the hammer in the Top right area in the Desert (not the level) by the Pyramid it is all the way North of it. Use the hammer there. You'll find a Wandering Fire Brother with the whistle along with a Toad's House with a Frog Suit in it.

Super Jump
-Hold A+B for 5 seconds, then release them and hold UP.

P-Wing on Level 1-4
-Collect all of the coins, then finish the level. A white moving mushroom house should appear. In the house there will be a secret room with one treasure chest containing a P-wing.

Hidden Anchor
-When you get to the desert level in Mario 3 you can find a secret anchor. All you have to do is go to board 2-2. To do this right you have to get all of the coins. The only problem is that the last 4 or 5 are hard to get. You have to have a tail and you hit the brick with the p-block in it. Jump off of the flying log. Swim to the beginning of the water. There should be another log waiting for you. Be careful not to get hit the tail is very important! Get on the log and ride to the p-block. Jump on it and all of the bricks will turn into coins. Stay on the log until you come to the flying turkey thing. Jump on it and you should have the boost you need to get the last few coins. A white mushroom will appear on the first level in the desert. In it is a chest with an anchor. The anchor will keep the boat in place if you die while playing it.

Make Mario Invincible
-To make Mario invincible, pause the game and press: A, A, B, LEFT, UP, B, A.

metallica 4 life
Reply #60

2007-07-24 00:00:00

P-Switch bug
-You can go right through a block containing a P-Switch if you jump twice in rapid succession. The first jump will expose the P-Switch, then the second jump should activate the P-Switch as you go through the block. Worlds 1-2 and 2-3 (as Super Mario) are great places to try this.

-In any level with quicksand, fly as Raccoon or Tanooki Mario (P-Wing recommended), then touch down on quicksand. Fly back up, and Mario will appear to walk through the air as the walking/standing sprite replaces the flying sprite for a short time. During this time, there are no flying sound effects when you press the A button. A cool side effect of this glitch is that you can airwalk behind clouds.

Kuribo's Spiny Shoe
-With Raccoon/Tanooki Mario in World 5-3, tail-attack a Spiny and pick up his shell. Then, keep holding on to the shell as you bash a Kuribo's Goomba from below to grab the Kuribo's Shoe. You will have Kuribo's Shoe power, but Mario's lower half will be green and black until you lose the shell. Kick the shell away and the shoe will appear normal, or just wait for the Spiny to wake up to lose the shoe.

Brick Blocked
-This is a strange glitch in World 3-6, where Raccoon Mario will temporarily be unable to break a Brick Block. Make sure you're not small at the part with an Ice Block on top of a Donut Lift and a Koopa Troopa on both the high and low platforms. Get to the lower platform, where a Brick Block containing a Super Leaf sits. Quickly kick the Koopa into the block or tail-attack the block to release the Super Leaf, then collect it. If all went well (timing seems to play a part in getting this to work), you should be able to hit the bottom of the Brick Block directly above you several times without breaking it.

Super Fire Flower
-Enter World 5-7 as anything but small Mario and with no Starman power. Bump the first wood block you see to release a Fire Flower, but don't grab it just yet. Hit the first Question Block in the group of three to the right, and the Fire Flower will start to flash. Next, go forward just enough to make the Pile Driver Micro-Goomba attack. Take damage to downgrade to small Mario, then grab the Fire Flower. Instead of transforming to Super Mario, you'll become Fiery Mario!The block you hit that makes the Fire Flower flash would contain a Starman if you entered the level with Starman power, so something about hitting the block without Starman power while the Fire Flower is exposed causes this glitch. This glitch also works in World 7-3 and with the Super Leaf (though it won't flash) in World 6-1.

Warp Zone canoe glitch
-Hop in the canoe in World 3 and then use a warp whistle. On the Warp Zone map, move to the left and Mario will go off the island! Unfortunately, once you've moved off the island you won't be able to get back on it. You're stuck unless you use another warp whistle, which will place you by the #8 pipe in the warp zone.

Stuck in a pipe
-In Worlds 3-9 and 7-5, there are Ice Blocks right up against a pipe. Kick away some Ice Blocks so that there is one remaining on the right side of the pipe, with one space between the pipe and block. Position "big" Mario underneath that block. Do a ducking jump, and then hold Left (while still holding the Down button) in mid-air. When Mario hits the Ice Block, he'll bounce between the block and the top of the pipe for a short time, and then he'll go down the side of the pipe! (If it doesn't work the first time, try again. It's shouldn't take too long to do once you know how to set the blocks up.) After the screen scrolls down, Mario won't come down out of the pipe and will appear to have gotten stuck behind the background. From here, you can move left and right to scroll the screen, but there is no way out. If you were Fiery Mario, shoot some fireballs and they will appear to come from different places each time.

-The bad news: When time runs out, you'll have to wait a few minutes for the game to return you to the map screen.

White block invincibility
-In World 5-7, go down the pipe guarded by a fire-spitting Piranha Plant. In the next room is a white block on the ground, with various blocks to the right leading up to a pipe. Duck down on the white block for five game seconds, and Mario will drop behind the scenery. Before Mario returns to the foreground, hurry up to the pipe that leads back up top, and the enemies there won't be able to touch Mario. The invincibility will last until you enter a pipe or exit the stage.

Ice Block magic
-In any level with Buster Beetle, stand next to an Ice Block that Buster is heading for, then press the B Button at the same time that Buster Beetle grabs the block. The one Ice Block turns into two, as both of you end up holding an Ice Block!

Unfiery Bowser
-Start the level with a P-Wing and take the lower route in the tall room with Donut Lifts. When you get to Bowser's room, immediately fly up and over the wall on your left. As soon as you get over, drop all the way down, then fly all the way back to the other room. When Bowser appears, he won't be able to breathe fire.

A strange death
-In World 3-9 at the part with the Para-Goomba, have small Mario hit the sixth Block on the right to sprout a Super Mushroom. Let it go past that Block, then bump the Mushroom from underneath again and the Para-Goomba will die.

Strange death #2
-In world 4-3, make your way over to the second instance of those wooden blocks. There should be three brick blocks above you, one containing a 1-Up. Walk over a little more and you'll see a Spiny walking upside-down on some bricks, and a Buzzy Beetle walking on top of the same bricks. When you see this, don't get too close to the Spiny, or it'll drop down. Instead, walk slowly over and stand under the first block of that platform. When the Buzzy Beetle is above you, jump so you kill him as you hit the block. The Spiny will also die, and you didn't even touch it!

Bowser's "secret" room
-In World 8-Castle of Koopa, go in the highest door at the end of the room with all the Donut Lifts. You should be in a room with donut lifts, Bowser statues, and at the end Bowser starts shooting fireballs at you even though he's in the next room. Anyway, squat and fly (easiest with a P-Wing) and land on top of the last Bowser statue's head. Stand up and Mario will "moonwalk" through the wall to another room! It's not really a new room; it's the room you can find by taking the lower route after all the Donut Lifts.

Gray Mario
-As Tanooki Mario, press B as you go down a pipe. If your timing is perfect, Mario will turn gray, but not into a statue.

Gray Hammer Mario
-Enter World 7-8 with a Tanooki Suit. Go down the pipe that leads to the secret room that contains a Hammer Brother Suit. Hit the Giant ? Block to sprout the Hammer Brother Suit. Stand in a place where you think it will bounce on you, and press Down and B to turn into a statue. If you get the Hammer Brother Suit while you're in statue form, you will be Hammer Brother Mario, but gray! The bad thing about this cool bug is that you can't go up the pipe at the end; you're stuck in the secret room.

-In World 5-Fortress, jump up to wedge yourself between the exit pipe and the right side of the screen. Jump a few more times and you will get smashed and lose a life.

Change the color of objects
-This bug is really hard to explain... Try kicking a Koopa shell into an object just as you scroll that object off the screen. Scroll back and sometimes it has changed color! Usually the object turns green or blue.

-In World 3-Fortress, go in the third door and press Up again fast, and you'll go straight to BOOM-BOOM.

Invisible Mario
-In World 3-9, squat on the white block for 5 seconds. When you drop down behind the background, go down the pipe at the end of the dry land. You won't be able to see Mario in the water.

Wall jump
-If you jump at a wall just right, you'll "catch" the wall with your foot, and you'll be able to jump off the wall! This has many practical uses, such as in the beginning of World 6-9. Have small Mario jump off the ice blocks into the wall of ice. When Mario touches the wall, jump again and he should make it over the top. Go right and you'll find the end of the stage!
Note: This glitch requires a perfect jump, and perfect timing.

World 5-1 treasure box glitch (Japanese version only)
-Use a P-Wing before entering World 5-1. After coming out the other side of the pipe that leads to the goal, fly up and over the wall on your left. Travel left on the top of the wall, and you'll hear the treasure-box-appearance sound effect. (You are on the ceiling of the bonus area that you can reach by flying straight up at the beginning of the world.) Go back down, and head for the goal. The Nipper Plant under the Roulette Block has transformed into an object that constantly changes from a "5UP" sprite to a Warp Whistle and back again!

-Stranger still, after you hit the Roulette Block, a treasure box will appear! If you hit the Roulette Block with an average jump, the treasure box will appear on the left; if you still have the P-Wing, try to time your tail-flaps in the air so that Mario hits the Roulette Block and continues to fly up a little more, which will cause the treasure box to appear on the right because Mario was flying up instead of moving right (like the treasure boxes in the Wandering Hammer Brother battles, this one appears on the side of the screen that is farthest away from Mario). If you get the treasure box to appear on the right, Mario will collect both the Music Box from the treasure box and the card from the Roulette Block, although the graphics will glitch a little and replace the "Course clear! You got a card" message with scrambled background graphics.
(This will only work in the Japanese version because the English version has no tall wall near the goal.)

metallica 4 life
Reply #59

2007-07-04 00:00:00

Hey man go to this link to see a map of the world 8 fortress =)


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28 P-Wings:
Complete the game, then press Start at the ending screen. The next game will begin with 28 P-Wings per brother.





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