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Star Tropics

Nintendo / 0000-00-00

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Nintendo developed Star Tropics for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Mike Jones goes to visit his uncle, Dr. Jones, on C-Island, only to find that he is missing when he gets to the island. Your task is to save your uncle! This adventure is far too grand for anyone island to contain! Star Tropics is a top-down, action-adventure, similar to the Legend of Zelda. Mike receives a yo-yo early in his adventure that serves as a weapon. Characters you meet further along in the game will upgrade it. You will also have to increase your health meter so that you can take more damage. Mike will encounter unique islanders, talking animals, ghosts, and even aliens! This game is an obscure and hidden treat that you need to experience. Prepare for an adventure that's out of this world!

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Level 5:
Enter 747 Mhz as a frequency code.





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