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Reply #10

2008-10-27 00:00:00

firepower when small: same thing with the missing mario trick.(Make sure your big or half fire power when attempting this trick) Jump over any boss execpt the end boss. Hit hammer and boss same time instead of dying you'll shrink and pass world. Next world you get mushroom and flower and your small. hehe good luck gaming

Reply #9

2007-07-24 00:00:00

Double jump
-After grabbing a Mushroom in mid-air, Mario can pull off another jump with the right timing. First, time a jump so that small Mario is on his way down when he grabs a Mushroom. While Mario is transforming, hold A, and he'll jump again when his transformation into Super Mario is complete.
-This trick will also work if small or Super Mario drops or jumps onto a Fire Flower.

Starman kills fanfare
-Grab the flagpole while invincible with Starman power, and the overworld theme will interrupt the "course clear fanfare" and continue to play until the game moves to the next level. (The ideal level for this is World 1-1. Hit the block with the Starman in it, but don't grab it right away. Have the Starman follow Mario up to the first small staircase, then grab it and head through the rest of the level as fast as possible.)

World 4-2 wacky warp to Worlds 6/7/8 without the Vine
-This one will take a while to explain, but basically we'll be using a variation of the "walk through walls" glitch (see below) to get Mario on the right side of the screen when he passes through the area with the Vine that leads to the Worlds 6/7/8 Warp Zone. This will fake out a nearby pipe, which will take Mario to the warp zone instead of the vine! Here's how it's done...

-At the beginning of World 4-2, there is a very bricky area with a group of three Goombas near the end of it. Before the Goombas, you'll come across a small hole in the brick floor. Make sure to drop down and get a Mushroom from the last block in the overhang if you're small -- Mario must be "Super" for this glitch. Then, standing above the hole, jump straight up twice so Mario breaks two Bricks [1].

-Next, slowly walk to the right (watch out for the Goombas) until the two-block column you just created has scrolled about half-way off the left side of the screen [2]. Go all the way back to the left side of the screen, then duck and jump once. Mario's feet should automatically "catch" the wall, and he will appear to be stuck [3]. (If Mario's feet don't catch the wall, you haven't scrolled far enough. If Mario breaks a block to the right, you've scrolled too far; just break another one above it and try scrolling again.) Release the Down button, and press the Right button once if you weren't already facing right. Now Mario should be sliding through the brick wall -- do not walk or jump until Mario stops at the right side of the screen. When Mario has stopped [4], jump straight up and to the right until Mario is on top of the bricks.

-Now, Mario should be on top of the bricks and all the way to the right of the screen. (Important note: Walking back to the left will move Mario away from the right side of the screen, which may cause the glitch to fail. Try to move forward only.) Staying at the right side of the screen, head to the other side of the pit where the three pipes are. Go down the third pipe [5], and voilą -- Warp Zone! [6] (This is the trickiest part because you can't really see what's in front of you because you're at the right side of the screen. If you need to, you can go back a few steps before continuing on, which will give you a little more room in front of you. Be careful not to scroll too far back.)

Walk through walls
-In 1-4, pass the first firebar thing and stop on the next platform. You'll notice that the ceiling drops down and almost forms a wall. Slowly go to the right until there's about half a block length between the left edge of the screen and that wall. Direct Mario to the left side of the screen, and jump. Mario should hit his head on the ceiling and land on the wall. (If Mario can't fit, you've scrolled too far. If Mario doesn't get stuck, you haven't scrolled far enough.) Now, hold Left and jump rapidly until Mario starts moving backwards through the wall. At this point, you'll be able to walk through to the end of that low ceiling (beware the firebars...). It is possible to repeat this trick anywhere you find similar floor/ceiling/wall combinations.

Koopa Troopa factory
-This might work in all similar situations, but an easy place to do this is World 1-1. Near the beginning of the level, there will be two Goombas walking down from a high platform, onto another platform with a Question Block in the middle. Scroll the lower platform almost all the way to the left end of the screen. With perfect timing you can run back and knock the left-most block from below as the last Goomba walks over it. For some reason, this turns the Goomba into an upside-down green Koopa shell as he dies! If you knocked the Mushroom out of the Question Block as you ran by the first time, the shell will be red.
-Another good place to pull this off is World 6-1, in the area where you can find the warp-only 1-Up Mushroom (see screen shots 3 - 5 above). If you're in the right spot, you can consistently turn Spinys into Koopa shells. Since Spinys survive knocks from below, the Koopa shells will also survive, and turn into live Koopa Troopas on the ground...

Mushroom magic-In World 1-1, at the same part as described above, sprout the Mushroom, then get on top of the high platform. As the Mushroom falls in the pit, try to jump so that Mario goes off the top of the screen as the Mushroom goes off the bottom of the screen. If Mario and the Mushroom are lined up perfectly, Mario will collect the Mushroom off-screen.

Inside the enemy
-As Super or Fiery Mario, run into an enemy. While you're blinking with post-damage-invincibility, get right up inside the enemy, and try to mimic his movements. When the invincibility wears off, you'll be inside the enemy without getting hurt! Once you get out of the enemy, you're fair game again.

Scale Lift glitch-fest
-You can cause lots of chaos by simply by breaking platforms off of Scale Lifts. A great area for this is World 4-3. At the first Scale Lift, ride the left platform down and break it off. Jump to safety, then quickly move to the right, jumping to the Elevator Lifts. Sometimes Mario will encounter invisible platforms around the Scale Lift, either hitting his head on the bottom of one or running into the side of one. That is the most annoying part of this glitch, because it almost certainly results in death as your jumping trajectory is changed drastically, causing Mario to fall down the pit. If you happen to avoid the invisible platforms, moving quickly to the right will often mess up the Red Koopa Troopa on the next mushroom platform. Sometimes he will get stuck inside the platform, but usually he will end up walking off of it onto thin air. You can cause even more chaos by keeping the gravity-defying Koopa on the screen as you break more platforms off and quickly move ahead. Once I had an Elevator Lift drop down the pit (which I was unfortunately not able to get a NESticle movie of), and a few times scale lifts would break off and fall to the bottom of the screen.

Mushroom through the blocks
-Keep a shell sitting on an "unused" question block, and if you can get a Mushroom to slide onto that same block, hit the block and the Mushroom will drop down. Try this in World 2-1.

Un-Fiery Mario
-(This is sort of related to the "drown bug" listed down at the end.) Bring Fiery Mario to a water level. Stand on the sea floor and hold Down as you press A to swim up again. You won't be able to shoot fireballs until you touch the floor again!

Minus World
-World -1 (A.K.A. the "Minus World") is an infinitely-long water level, only accessible through World 1-2. Here's what you do: As Super Mario, get all the way to the green pipe at the end of 1-2. Stand on top of the pipe and smash the blocks above you. Do not smash the very last block on the right. Now, stand on the end of the pipe and face left. Jump straight up, then press and hold Right on the controller. What you are trying to do here is jump through the bottom left corner of the block backwards. If you do it just right, Mario will slide through the block and be pulled through the wall. When Mario gets to the other side of the wall, go down the first pipe before it says "WELCOME TO WARP ZONE." You will not come out in 4-1, but in -1. Yes, that's right, -1. World -1 is just like 2-2, but the pipe at the end takes you back to the beginning. You cannot beat -1, but it does give you lots of swimming practice :)
Side note: If you go down them before it says "WELCOME TO WARP ZONE," the second pipe takes you to 5-1, and the third pipe also takes you to the Minus World.

-In the Famicom Disk System version of SMB, the Minus World is a swimming version of World 1-3, with gray enemies, pink platforms, and a floating Bowser. At the end, if you touch the flagpole too high, you'll float over the castle door and won't clear the level. Touch it about halfway down to be safe, and you'll drop right into the door, taking you to World -2! World -2 is exactly like World 7-3, except beating the level takes you to -3. World -3 is like 4-4, except it's not a maze, there's no Bowser at the end, and the graphics are blue instead of gray. After you touch the axe at the end, you are thanked as usual, but the Mushroom Retainer is not there. Press B, and you are taken to the title screen, where you can keep pressing B to choose a World to go to, with harder levels, exactly as if you had just beaten the game.

Small and Fiery
-Being either Super or Fiery Mario, get behind Bowser and let him walk towards you. Jump, and try to land on the Axe and Bowser at the same time. You will defeat Bowser and move on as Super Mario. In the next World, the next powerup you'll get is a Mushroom, which will make Mario small. Next item you'll get is a Fire Flower, which will turn you Fiery, but you will remain small. Note: This will not work in 8-4.

The Magic Koopa Troopa
-You may already know that it's possible to stomp a Koopa Paratroopa twice in mid-air. If your second stomp is when the Koopa Troopa is 1 or 2 block heights from the bottom of the screen, he will go into his shell (duh), but it will be floating in mid-air! Of course the only way to get the Koopa Troopa 1 or 2 block heights from the bottom would be to stomp on him over a pit. For a real challenge, try to double-stomp a Paratroopa and land on solid ground. The best place I know of is in 4-3, but it's extremely difficult to do, however. So anyway, after you land on the platform, the Koopa Troopa should be in his shell and floating. Wait a while and he'll pop back out and start walking, while still floating in mid-air! (I always do this bug in 4-3, but I assume it can be done in similar levels such as 1-3 or 5-3.)

Mario Copperfield
-If you are Fiery Mario, you can pull off this cool stunt: Before any level begins (during the "WORLD x-x" screen), press and hold A and B. When the level begins, use the arrow keys to move Mario... and he will be "gliding" along the ground on one foot! Just release A and B and Mario will walk normally again. This also works when Mario is coming out of pipes -- just hold A and B as he is emerging from a pipe....

Get stuck & drown
-If you are Super or Fiery Mario, you can pull this off in any water level. Stop right before the pipe in the water that takes you out to dry land somewhere. Press and hold Down to duck, then press A to swim, and then let go of Down. As long as your feet don't touch down anywhere, you'll notice that Mario's head goes all the way through to almost the very top of the blocks! Keep pounding Mario's head on the blocks as you swim above the exit pipe. Soon he will moonwalk behind the pipe and will get stuck. The only way to get out of this is to reset the game, or wait for time to expire.

metallica 4 life
Reply #8

2007-07-17 00:00:00

i have this game for nes (not)()()()

Reply #7

2006-06-22 00:00:00

I love it dat u gave cheats!!

Reply #6

2006-05-02 00:00:00

WARP TO LEVEL 8 -- Get to level 4-2 either by warping from 1-2 to level 4 and beating it or just work your way up. Once you get there, go through the level until you get to the moving platforms going down (the first set of platforms) once u cross it, jump up and down under the set of 3 really high blocks. three other blocks should appear. climb them, then break all the boxes. the one on the far left will make a vine. Jump off the other blocks and climb the vine. then make your way collecting all the coins to the warp zone. welcome to level 8. its tricky to get the blocks, so it might take a few tries to get it right.

Reply #5

2006-01-15 00:00:00

FIND LEVEL -1...towards the end of world 1-2, find the tunnel leading to world 1-3 and jump on top of it. Starting at the pipe that goes to the top of the screen, count to the left and break the 2nd and 3rd set of bricks. Now squat down and jump towards the first set, staying in your squat. If you do it right, you will walk through the mass of bricks and be able to go in one of the pipes without warping. But beware, if you make it to worl -1, it is a water level and you cannot get out of it. Good luck.

Reply #4

2005-09-20 00:00:00

If you lose all of your lives its a game over and another really good tip is dont fall in the pits (you'll die)

Reply #3

2005-03-19 00:00:00

What are you guys talking about? This is MARIO Bros., the one with the crabs, the spinys, and the ice thingies. You're thinking about SUPER Mario Bros., the one with the Bowsers (Koopas), the super mushrooms, and the walking mushroom things.

Mr. Mario
Reply #2

2004-11-30 00:00:00

How to get to world -1 (that's negative one):

In world 1, level 2, which is the first underground level you encounter, proceed through the level until you reach the very last pipe- the one which would take you up to the flag if you were to go through it (don't go to the warps). You will want to be big, because what you will do is jump onto the pipe, and walk forward until you hit the wall. There will be bricks above you which you can brake, since you are big. You will want to break the brick which is one away from the one directly above you as you touch the wall. Then, and, believe me, this is tricky, you will attempt to jump -sideways- through that brick which you did not break- the one which is closest to the wall. It helps if you crouch down as you try to jump "through" it. Note- don't jump at if from below, or else you will break it. After many attempts, this should take you to world negative one, which is simply an underwater world which repeats itself over and again. This may not be worth all the effort it takes to try and jump sideways through a brick, but it is at least a very clever trick, and a good thing to know, which may be told to others to initiate conversations, get a date, who knows...

a friend
Reply #1

2004-03-29 00:00:00

warp zones

finish world 1-1 and go to 1-2 when you are at the last set of platforms go as high as possible and jump on the celing run to the end and when you reach the pipe (you shuld still be on the celing) go past it and to a room. Here you can warp to worlds 3 4 5


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Continue game play:
After a game is over, go to one player mode, then hold A and press Start . The game will resume at the last world played.

Extra lives:
Play until world 3-1, then go to the stairs just before the flagpole. Two turtles will come down the stairs. Kill the first one and walk to the first block. Get right next to the block and wait for the second turtle. As it gets on the first block, jump on its head. If done correctly the turtle should be sitting on the first block with it head in its shell. Then, jump on the edge of the shell. Do this repeatedly to get extra lives. If this trick fails, return to the pit and fall, then try again.

On world 1-1, when you jump over all of the tubes, after the last one (where you have to jump over the first ditch), go to the back of the green hill in the background and jump. A box will appear with an extra life.

Missing Mario:
Go to any Boss level, except for the final level. Make sure Mario is small when reaching the Boss. Jump on the small ax object so you hit Koopa (Boss) and the ax at the same instant. You will die but can continue on. Toad will talk as if you were there then the game will continue on without you losing a life.





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