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Friday The 13th

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Friday The 13th

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Friday the 13th is an action game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), and is regarded as a cult classic among video game fans. Though the game is based off the of film series of the same name, you wouldn't know it… You play as one of several camp counselors who must try and defeat Jason before he kills any of the other camp counselors or campers! A timer will appear that tells you how much time you have before Jason kills somebody. On top of having to worry about Jason, you'll have to deal with zombies, wolves, and crows, none of which were in any of the movies… Collectors should definitely check out this title, as it has acquired quite a reputation over the internet.

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2009-12-14 00:00:00

Jason's mother appears in three separate rooms in the cave, although once you have beaten her for the day she will not appear in the other rooms. The reward for Defeating Jason's mother on day 1 is different depending on which room you are in.

One can reach the first room by entering the cave, going left, and taking the first upward path (get the flashlight to see all the hidden pathways). This is the weapon upgrade room, which only yields weapons if you defeat Jason's mother here. If you use rocks or a knife, you will be rewarded with a machete. Using a machete results in an axe. Use of an axe allows one to pick up the torch. Unfortunately using the torch only offers the counselor an axe.

The other two rooms always yeild an axe and a machete, and one can return to the cave to take these weapons after defeating Mrs Voorhees in room one.

To the room with an axe: Enter the cave and head right. Take the first upward path. Then head left, and go into the first up path.

To the room with a machete: enter the cave and head right. Take the first down path. Then head right and take the first up.

To exit the cave, simply retrace your steps. The cave's layout is not nearly as complicated as the forest

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2005-09-12 00:00:00

how to get everuthing

kill jason 3 times now go to a house of the kids and you will find the machete the torch the sweater and the knife


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Avoid wolves while in the woods:
The wolves will appear only after all the zombies are gone. Just leave one zombie alive when you are in the woods. Allow it to follow you until you reach the path you want to take. Just repeat this trick when more zombies appear. Note: If Jason attacks in the woods, all the zombies will disappear, making it quite likely that a wolf will appear afterwards.

Getting the torch:
It is possible to get the torch on the first day of wandering around Camp Crystal Lake. Using Mark, wander around the camp for awhile, collecting potions and lighting all the fireplaces. In one of the cabins in the camp, you should find a letter saying "You will find a torch in one of the cabins by the lake". Once you find that letter, go into the trail that circles the lake. Look in one of the two big cabins, you will find the torch there.

Getting the machete:
Even though the torch is the most powerful weapon in the game, the machete is still a weapon that will cause some damage. You can get it by selecting Mark and roaming around until you get a key. Once you have the key, go into the cave. From there, you will go left just two land bridges over. Look at the background in the rocks. You should see a sort of crumbled rock that stands out from the rest. Go over to that rock and press Up. You will reach a door. Go through the door and defeat Jason's mom. After you defeat her, the machete will be revealed.

Getting the sweater:
There is a sweater you can get on the second day that will boost your defense against attacks. In order to get it, you must defeat Jason's mom in the cave once again. This time she is not so easy. Try using the torch to defeat her. Once defeated, a sweater will appear and boost your defense.





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