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Dragon Warrior 3

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Dragon Warrior 3

Enix / 0000-00-00

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Dragon Warrior III features a class system. At the start of the game, the player begins as a single hero, male or female.

After the quest begins, the player can eventually build up a team of diversified party members through the local tavern in Aliahan. This team can be made up of Wizards, Pilgrims, Goof-offs, Fighters, Soldiers, Merchants, and Thieves (only in the remakes) in either male or female form.

The Hero cannot change classes, but all other characters can change classes at Dharma once they have reached experience Level 20, and can change classes any number of times. A character who changes classes has their stats halved and restarts at experience Level 1, retaining their spells and, in the remakes, their personality. This allows a player to create a character that knows Wizard spells, but has the defense of a Soldier

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2005-03-19 00:00:00

whisstle for metable

if you are looking for metable go to the castle where barmos stay and then use whisstle sometimes there will a lot of them when u are in a good timing


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Unlimited money:
Leave the castle and travel to the "Adventurer's Hall of Registration". Create a list of soldiers, then go downstairs to the "Eatery". Enlist three of the soldiers, sell their equipment, then remove them from your party to collect 400 gold. Repeat this procedure to gain unlimited funds.

Start with eight combat spells:
Begin game play and immediately visit the King in Aliahan. Create characters in the town until prompted to remove one. Leave the town to lose all gold, but gain eight combat spells.





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