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Dragon Warrior

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Dragon Warrior

Nintendo / 0000-00-00

Role Playing Game

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Unlimited money:
Defeat the Golem and collect $1000, but do not enter the city he was guarding. Instead, return to the king and save the game. Reset the NES, reload the game, return to the Golem, defeat it again, and take the $1000. Save and repeat to get as much money as needed.

Unlimited items:
Explore a dungeon and collect items, leave the dungeon, then re-enter. All items previously collected will appear again in their original locations.

Building stats:
While playing the game, the name that you give your person is cut into four letters. For example, "jonathan" would be cut into "jona" and "hippyhopdontstoptobeebob" would be cut to "hipp". Apparently, these four letters affect your stats you get at the start of the game, and what stats you receive after leveling up. For example, entering "heal" subtracts 1 from each stat, while "hurt" raises the stats 1. "hero" lowers them to unbearable lows and "evil" raises them to incredible heights for level 1. You can make your own four letter words and see what happens.

Restored magic points:
Enter central castle in Tantegel, and speak to the man sitting at the desk on the right side of the screen. He will restore all your magic points.

Getting multiple treasures:
Where ever you find a treasure that contains money, cursed items, torches, etc., you can get it again by leaving wherever you got the items and returning to get it again. Note: This does not work for rare items such as The Staff of Rain.

Sleeping Golem:
Use the flute to put the Golem to sleep.

Silver Shield and Flame Sword:
Kill the Golem, then move down and right to find a locked door. Pass through the door to find a guard that is selling a Silver Shield and Flame Sword.

Death Necklace:
To get the Death Necklace, go into the cave near Tantagel. Get the treasure chest with 100+ gold, then exit. Do this approximately five to ten times and you will receive the Death Necklace from the chest. You can only get the Death Necklace once per new quest. It can be sold at the Tool Shop for 1200 gold if you are not wearing it. The Death Necklace will curse your character. To take it off, visit the man in the town next to Rimuldar Castle, who will take it.





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