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Capcom / 0000-00-00


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The most crucial and decisive battle of World War II is about to be fought by you! Enemy forces are descending upon Midway Island. Enemy Bombers,dive Bombers,and zeros are roaring over the island like a typhoon. The surrounding Pacific waters are teeming with enemy aircraft carriers. As the top gun of the Navy's mos elite crew of fighter Pilots, you must pilot your specially outfitted P-38 into the very midst of the enemy squadron.

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2008-04-02 00:00:00

You cannot enter letters and numbers as cheat codes for the Nintendo NES system. Only up, down, left, right, and B or A. So how is TY19U a cheat code for the game "1943"?


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Super password:
Enter TY19U as a password to start on the last level with maximum offense, defense, weapons, energy, and time.
Level Password 2 7G117 3 EGO13 5 E4113 6 ZDIIX 7 IRIID 8 PFL08 22 RY690 23 TY2NU





1943 s0

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